Disabling Messenger Day

How to turn off the annoying Messenger Day or My Day feature ?
You can find the tutorial below.

How to Disable Messenger Day

The annoying "Messenger Day" feature

In the past days, Facebook released the annoying Messenger Day or Messenger "My Day" feature into its popular chat application. Most of people are complaining, because nobody wants this unwanted, slow feature. Thus we decided to develop a feature to deactivate/turn off the Messenger Day feature. From today, it's possible to get rid of Messenger Day ! It's not Snapchat ! Free tutorial to deactivate the most hated Facebook feature, Messenger Day.

Easy, downloadable tutorial

Lots of non-IT friends asked me to remove Messenger Day feature from their favourite chat app. So I decided to publicate this small, but smart plugin.

How to Turn off Messenger Day or My Day

It's FREE!

We won't ask your credit card data ! Never Ever ! Removing Messenger Day wasn't easier ever.

How to Turn off Messenger Day or My Day


We won't ask you to login anywhere ! We won't ask your personal data or email address ! Never Ever !


How to turn off Messenger Day feature in Facebook's chat application? Check it out below!

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